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I Survived A -110 Degree Cold Spa Experience

Last week I did something kind of crazy. Ok, more than ‘kind of’ – I’d put it up there on the top 10 list of ‘things I maybe didn’t think all the way through.’ Specifically, I took off almost all of my clothes and stepped into a room that was colder than Antarctica – by a huge margin.

As a Canadian, I’ve seen some cold in my time. In addition to the daily -30 C slog I have to deal with during a typically Montreal winter, I’ve also headed up past the Arctic Circle and braved -57 C nights (and that’s before wind-chill). Still, nothing I had ever experienced before could have prepared me for what I was to experience in that 8×8-foot room at the Sparkling Hill Resort near Vernon, British Columbia.

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Fear Of Change Is Real In The Publishing World

There are many takeaways from Maloney’s chronicle of the challenges she faced at the LA Times.

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The Gumball 3000 Awaits

My next adventure/project is a little out of the ordinary, even for me.

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The Last Rust-Free Datsun 280Z In New England

I’d been searching for a long time. Nine months of serious looking, preceded by a spring where I’d toyed with the idea of adding a Datsun Z car to my driveway as a fun driver / potential track car.

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Bill Withers, Or Forgetting What It’s Like To Love Making Music

There’s no such thing as an ‘overnight sensation’ in music.