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  • Just an FYI (I’m assuming you’ve never owned a Ramcharger or helped take the back off for open-air driving)… I just read the article “These Classic Off-Road SUVs Deserve a Resurrection” and I have to say, the shell is most definitely not fiberglass. It’s double-wall steel with glass windows and it helps to have a few friends around when you remove or replace it. The only variation over the years was that early models looked more open as the door’s window frame was part of the top. Later ones, the door window frame remains with tho door with the top off.

  • I appreciate the correction Paul. I got mixed up with the steel panel, and the removable ‘half-roof’ that you could get for the trucks (covering just the driver and front passenger), which was made of fiberglass. Strangely, when they went to the fixed roof, they flip-up cargo access panel at the rear was also redesign into fiberglass.

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