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The list of work below, while far from exhaustive, is representative of my style of writing and body of published work. While I have chosen to highlight certain fields that I have particular expertise in, my writing is definitely not restricted to any of these topics. In some cases I have linked to the article ‘in the wild’, while in others I have provided a link to the document on my own server. Consider these links a moving target – new content is published daily.

Automotive Work


SlashGear represents the intersection of technology and automobiles, and touches on every aspect of your connected life. I worked as the Automotive Director at SlashGear, and as such contributed to and guided automotive coverage for the site.

Click here to see my portfolio of work published by SlashGear.


Autobytel is one of the largest Internet resources connecting new and used car buyers with vehicles across the country.  The site also offers analysis, buying guides, industry news and in-depth information concerning a wide variety of different automobiles.  I was a regular contributor to Autobytel for 6 years (plus two at Autotropolis, which was purchased by Autobytel), both to the company’s weekly email newsletter which is sent to millions of subscribers, and to its online Web content in the form vehicle road tests and reviews.

Click here to see my portfolio of work published by Autobytel.


Roadkill is automotive mayhem, in both magazine and digital form. Sprouting from the forehead of Hot Rod Magazine, Roadkill originated from a highly popular video series of vehicular shenanigans that continues to this day.

Click here to see my portfolio of work published by Roadkill.

The Car Guide

The Car Guide is the English-language edition of the Le Guide De L’Auto website.  Le Guide De L’Auto has been a force Quebec automotive journalism for decades, and on top of providing road tests and reviews, news, and auto show coverage, it also publishes a yearly hardbound book covering every single model available on the new car and new truck market.

Click here to see my portfolio of work published by The Car Guide.


AutoTrader.ca is one of the largest online marketplaces for selling cars and trucks in Canada.  I contribute vehicle reviews, slideshows, and classic car content covering some of the most unique automobiles offered on the AutoTrader.ca network.

Click here to see my portfolio of review work published by Autotrader.ca.

Click here to see my portfolio of feature work published by Autotrader.ca


Autos.ca is an online publication targeted at the Canadian automotive market.  I contributed reviews, features, and classic car content to the site as a freelancer. (Note – Autos.ca merged with Autotrader.ca in the fall of 2016).


I was a regular contributor to Autotropolis and had a column and several weekly features published on the site.  The column was called Car Buying Review, and covered issues directly affecting buyers who are currently in the market for a new vehicle.  I also wrote a feature focusing on the top Rebates and Incentives available to car shoppers, as well as regularly contribute news articles affecting those in the market for a new or used car.  In my time with Autotropolis, I  authored hundreds of Wiki entries covering the entire spectrum of automobile manufacturers and contributed news stories covering the industry and issues that affect car buyers, in addition to buying guides and general interest pieces.

In 2010, Autotropolis was purchased by Autobytel.  Articles previously published on the site are now hosted by the Autobytel.

Click here to see my portfolio of work published by Autotropolis.

Tundra Headquarters

Tundra Headquarters is a site that is dedicated to owners of the Toyota Tundra pickup truck.  The site serves as one of the most reliable online resources for Tundra drivers.  I contributed blog posts, articles, interviews and reviews to TundraHQ.

Click here to see my portfolio of work published by Tundra Headquarters.

Gearhead News / Ledfoot News

Gearhead News is a print publication aimed at automotive enthusiasts in the Midwest and the Chicagoland area in particular.  The magazine has a circulation of 40,000 and is available at more than 1,500 distribution spots in the region it serves.  I was a staff writer for Gearhead News and covered a number of different performance and hot rodding topics.

In 2011 Gearhead News changed its name to Ledfoot News.

Click here to see my portfolio of work published by Gearhead News / Ledfoot News.

Tow Times

Tow Times is a monthly print magazine targeted at North American towing companies.  The publication provides information and opinions that are designed to educate tow operators as to how to maximize the potential of their business, as well as help them to stay abreast of the latest technological, legislative and safety developments in the industry.  I was a contributor to the print magazine and have covered a number of diverse topics within the pages of Tow Times.

Click here to see my portfolio of work published by Tow Times.

Business / Technology Work


ICON Plc provides clinical services for medical companies, and is a full-service contract research organization.  I worked with ICON Plc to provide their blog with posts on topics of concern to the medical community, with a particular focus on important developments from an industry and regulatory perspective.

Click here to see my portfolio of work published for the ICON Plc blog.

KBZ Communications

KBZ Communications is one of the leading distributors of Cisco TelePresence products and services.  I contributed content to the KBZ Communications blog, which tracks important developments in the telepresence and video conferencing industry.

Click here to see my portfolio of work published for the KBZ Communications blog.

American Alarm

American Alarm is an independent security systems integration and monitoring company that provides a blog resource to businesses and consumers interested in learning more about their options for protecting the family and property.  I provided American Alarm with blog posts on a variety of different security topics.

Click here to see my portfolio of work published for the American Alarm blog.

Music Work

I have had the pleasure of contributing articles, reviews and how-to pieces to a variety of different websites and online resources.

Click here to see my portfolio of general music writing.

Academic Work

I have written and ghost-written for several medical and academic journals.

Click here to see a portfolio of my academic writing.