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Portfolio – Autotropolis

I was a regular contributor to Autotropolis and had a column and several weekly features published on the site.  The column was called Car Buying Review, and covered issues directly affecting buyers currently in the market for a new vehicle.  I also wrote a feature focusing on the top Rebates and Incentives available to car shoppers, and regularly contributed news articles affecting those in the market for a new or used car.  In my time with Autotropolis, I authored hundreds of Wiki entries covering the entire spectrum of automobile manufacturers and contributed news stories covering the industry and issues that affect car buyers, in addition to buying guides and general interest pieces.  The following represent a small selection of articles and pieces I published through this resource.

*Note – Autotropolis was purchased by Autobytel in 2010.  I moved to Autobytel’s editorial staff that same year.

Here are links to some of the articles I have published through Autotropolis.

Buick Introduces 3 New Models, Drops Trim Levels for 2012 – A news article covering Buick’s path forward as the brand rebuilds

Why Scion and Lexus Escaped the Toyota Acceleration Recall – An examination of some of the details surrounding the largest recall campaign in Toyota history.

BMW Megacity Electric Car Adds to Brand’s Green Lineup Choices – A piece focusing on BMW’s intent to release an electric vehicle for the masses.

Guide to Choosing a Green, Fuel Efficient Vehicle – A guide to choosing a more environmentally-friendly automobile.

Top 5 Vehicles For Having Fun At The Drag Strip – A look at some of the more unusual and interesting drag strip options out there for drivers who want to stand out from the crowd.

High Performance Driving Events – An explanation of what to expect at your first High Performance Driving Event or track day.

Four Lifestyles : Four Pickups – A buying guide written for those seeking to match their daily needs to a certain type of pickup truck.

Ford Announces F-150 SCUBA Edition – A parody piece written for April Fool’s Day, 2009.

50 Years of Barbie’s Rides – A fun look at the different cars that Barbie has driven during her 50 years as a pop culture icon.