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Portfolio – ICON Plc

ICON Plc provides medical and health industry outsourcing services around the world. I worked with ICON Plc to provide its blog with posts on topics related to medical devices, commercialization and outcomes, smart early development, and innovative trial execution (including adaptive clinical trials), with a particular focus on important developments from an industry and regulatory perspective. I also recorded video and audio podcasts and monthly news round-ups for ICON Plc.

Prior to this, I performed nearly identical services for Aptiv Solutions, which was acquired by ICON Plc in 2014. Before that, I wrote blog posts for MDCI, which was itself acquired by Aptiv Solutions.

Much of my work for Aptiv Solutions and MDCI was sunsetted along with their respective websites. Below you will find links to some of my posts published by the ICON Plc blog, as well as podcast work.

Networked Medical Device Technologies Improving Emergency Outcomes

Video Podcast: Risk-based Monitoring for Late Phase Research – A podcast I recorded and hosted with ICON’s Vice President and Global Head of Research and Alliance Services, Peri-Approval and Observational Research, Hady Khoury.

Video Podcast: Patient Centricity and Best Practices for Collective Patient Centric Data – A podcast I recorded and hosted with ICON’s Vice President of  Project Operations and Strategic Programs, Peri-Approval and Observational Research, Dr. Luis Bettinelli.

Video Podcast: The Glucose Clamp Techique In The Study of Insulin Biosimilars – A podcast I recorded and hosted with Dr. Dariush Elahi and Dr. Dennis Ruff.

Health Canada Revises Medical Device Safety Regulations

Customized Medical Devices: The Next Wave of 3D Printing Revolution

CDRH Issues Final Plan of Action in Response to Booz Allen Hamilton Evaluation

Mexico Deregulates Over 500 Medical Device Types

New FDA Draft Guidance Explains 510(k) Clearance Transfers

FDA Warning Letter Data Shows Improvement in 2013

Japan Changes PAL and PMDA To Enhance Medical Device Innovation