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Portfolio – Music Writing

I contribute articles, reviews and how-to pieces to a variety of different websites and online resources.  Here are a few examples of my music writing.

Music Work – General

The Loudness Wars – An article I wrote giving an overview of the loudness wars that are currently being waged by producers of popular music.

Music Work – LikeTotally80s.com

LikeTotally80s.com is an excellent resource on the ‘Me decade’ and is filled with a wealth of pop culture knowledge and music information from the era.  I am an occasional and proud contributor to the site.

Brief History of 80’s Rap Music – An overview of the decade that directed the world’s attention onto the new genre of hip-hop and rap music.

5 Influential 80’s New Wave Bands – An examination of 5 prominent New Wave bands of the 1980’s.

Music Work – 90s411.com

90s411.com is a site that looks back on the tumultuous 90’s and offers both a serious and fun take on many of the historical and pop culture events of the era.  I write both music and general culture pieces for the site.

From Sexy + 17 to the 90s Swing Movement – A bio of Brian Setzer that focuses on his ability to move from one era to another while maintaining his stardom and his freedom to explore diverse musical styles.

The Brief Life and Everlasting Death of Tupac Shakur – An examination of rap icon Tupac Shakur’s impact on 90’s culture and beyond.