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Portfolio – Tundra Headquarters

Tundra Headquarters is a site that is dedicated to owners of the Toyota Tundra pickup truck.  The site serves as one of the most reliable online resources for Tundra drivers.  I have been contributing blog posts, articles, interviews and reviews to TundraHQ for well over a year.

Here are links to some of the work that I have published through Tundra Headquarters.

CGI Engine Blocks and Half-Ton Diesels – What, How, and Why – A post describing CGI engine block technology and what it could mean for diesel-powered light trucks.

ARB Air Locker for the Toyota Tundra – A review of the ARB Air Locker.

Timbren AEON Hollow Rubber Springs – An interview with the makers of Timbren AEON Hollow Rubber Springs.

Off Road Evolution’s Solid Front Axle Tundra – The Details – An interview with Off Road Evolution about their solid front axle Toyota project for Falken.

Steam Car Wash – Get Clean The ‘Green’ Way – A closer look at steam clean automobile washing systems.

The MotoIQ Project Tundra – A recap of MotoIQ’s Toyota Tundra project truck.

Pure Performance 4.5″ Triple Threat System – A review of the Pure Performance suspension kit.

Nitrogen In Your Tires – More Than Just a Gimmick – A look at the benefits of using nitrogen to inflate truck tires.

Amatoya: Futuristic Firefighting Vehicle – An article that discusses the Amatoya firefighter concept.

Roll-N-Lock Retractable Tonneau Cover – A review of the Roll-N-Lock tonneau cover.

Marshall Motoarts Sand Car – An overview of the Marshall Motoarts Sand Car.

TrophyKart – Fun Alternative to Full Size Trophy Truck Racing – An article focusing on TrophyKarts, scale off-road racing trucks.

Undercover SE Paintable Hard Tonneau Cover – A review of the Undercover SE tonneau cover.

Rancho quickLIFT Leveling-Lift Kit – A review of the Rancho quickLIFT kit.

SpitzLift Cargo Bed Cranes Offer Easy Pickup Truck Loading – A look at the SpitzLift crane system for light pickup trucks.

A DIY Guide for TRD Supercharger Installation – Video – A DIY video installation guide for the Tundra TRD supercharger.

Clear Bra Tips for Truck Owners – An article discussing the advantages of Clear Bra installation for Tundra owners.

Electric Toyota Tundra To Debut At SEMA – A humorous look at a remote controlled Toyota Tundra.

Why Install After Market Shocks on your Toyota Tundra? – An explanation of why Tundra owners should consider installing after market shock absorbers.

Ask Unichip: Tuners For The Tundra 4.6 and 4.0? – Part one of an interview with tuners Unichip.

Ask Unichip: Exhaust Systems, Air Intakes, and Custom Tunes – Part two of an interview with tuners Unichip.

Ask Unichip: Black Boxes and Cracking Codes – Part three of an interview with tuners Unichip.

Ask Unichip: Towing, Racing and Gas Mileage – Part four of an interview with tuners Unichip.

Ask Doug Thorley – Headers, Flow and Power Gains Over Stock – Part one of an interview with Jamie Joyce at Doug Thorley.

Ask Doug Thorley – Short vs. Long Tube Headers – Part two of an interview with Jamie Joyce at Doug Thorley.

ReadyLift SST 3-inch Lift Kit for the Toyota Tundra – An in-depth look at the ReayLift SST kit for the Tundra.

Vehicle Stability Control – Pros and Cons – An examination of electronic vehicle stability control.

Tundra Monster Truck Makes Friends, Crushes the Competition – An article about Toyota of Wallingford’s Tundra monster truck.

US Army Tests HUMVEE Replacement Pickups – An overview of possible US Army replacements for the HUMVEE.

The Toyota Mini Motorhome – A Quirky RV With A Strong Following – A look at that blast from the past – the Toyota Mini Motorhome.