Code 45’s Happy 2b Hardcore Influence: Tunes Still Bangin’ 20 Years Later

Like most North Americans who came of age in the 1990s, the first electronic dance music I ever heard was Euro. I have vivid memories from my early teenage years of encountering groups and producers like Snap!, The Real McCoy, 2Unlimited, Technotronic, Haddaway, and Mo-Do on the countless ‘Dance Mix’… read more »

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Review of Microsoft Zune 120

Having abandoned satellite radio and requiring a new form of audio entertainment for my automobile, I decided to finally invest in a sizeable MP3 player. While I had owned a number of 2 gigabyte and smaller devices over the years, I knew that in order to match the depth and breadth of music that XM used to provide me with I would require something with a high capacity hard drive. read more »

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XM – The End of an Era

Several years ago, I found myself in the position of owning an automobile that hailed from an era where tape decks were luxury items and most drivers were lucky if their in-car entertainment consisted of both AM and FM bands instead of just the hum of the tires against the asphalt.

Naturally, given the low-rent characteristics of the vehicle – it had been purchased as cheap winter transportation, although it was later converted into a fire-breathing sleeper-mobile – I was reluctant to invest too much money into a stereo system. read more »

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