Zune Update – 8 Months Later

Zune 120

I just wanted to drop a quick update on my experiences with the Microsoft Zune 120.  Four months later, the amount of dust that has accumulated under the device’s screen has become intolerable, and I have decided to send it in.  Fortunately, Microsoft is willing to replace the unit free of charge because of this dust, and they sent me a packing label so that I could drop it off at the local UPS store, which I did on Monday.  It’s also possible to print the label out online.

It took approximately 10 days for the label to arrive from the date that I made the phone call, so I am wary of the amount of time the actual replacement process is going to take.  I will keep updating as to the speediness and quality of Microsoft’s customer service regarding this issue.  I will also take steps to protect my new Zune from suffering the same dusty fate.

3 thoughts on “Zune Update – 8 Months Later

  • So what happened…

  • Thanks for calling me out on that – since this post my Zune has actually been back to Microsoft once again – this time for a technical problem – and I am not as happy a camper as I once was. It is indeed time for a Zune-related update.

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