New Resource for Importing Cars from the U.S. to Canada

Being Canadian and being an automotive enthusiast can sometimes be a bit of a struggle.  Despite its enormous geographical dimensions, Canada has a very small population of just under 35 million people, which means that when it comes to the automotive market there are far fewer options when compared against its neighbor to the south.  With such a small number of new cars sold, the used market is that much more restricted, which in turn leads to artificially inflated prices and a real dearth of affordable, interesting vehicles.

For this reason, thousands of Canadians every year turn their gaze to the U.S. when it comes time to buy a vehicle.  With a population close to ten times that of Canada and regions where the warm dry air preserves cars and trucks much better than the vicious salt and moisture cycle of the northern winter, America offers a huge range of inexpensive vehicles for shoppers willing to tackle the paperwork and travel involved in bringing an automobile back across the border.  The difference in price and condition between an American model and a comparable Canadian edition is typically well worth the extra work and expense needed to bring that car into the country.

As someone who has in the past imported several vehicles – both antique and modern – from the U.S. to Canada, I was happy to work with Jason Lancaster of Spork Marketing to create a new website devoted to explaining the ins and outs, in plain language, of importing a car from America.  In the past, I have encountered a number of myths and a healthy dose of misinformation surrounding the import process – both online, and in person – and I feel that this has discouraged a segment of the car-buying population from trying their luck south of the border.  Based on our experience and research, the site offers general guidance, an explanation of the hoops that you will have to jump through during the importation process and some tips on how to safely and legally bring your car to its newly adopted home.

Ebay, Craigslist and Autotrader, along with hundreds of car-focused chat forums and classified sites, make it easier than ever to find the car of your dreams without having to leave your living room.  There’s no real need to restrict yourself to just your local area – spread your net wider and you’ll be surprised at some of the deals you can find on cars that might only rarely pop up on the Canadian market.  Check out for some practical advice on how you can take advantage of the much more affordable prices on American cars and navigate through the importation process with a little bit more confidence.

3 thoughts on “New Resource for Importing Cars from the U.S. to Canada

  • Benjamin – Awesome! Thanks for the mention and the post. I hope that the Canadian Auto Dealer’s Association doesn’t make importing cars illegal! 🙂

  • Jason – I hope so too. I am fairly confident that they won’t be able to do too much damage to current import regs, given the normalization of safety and environmental standards that has occurred between the US and Canadian markets in terms of import requirements over the past few years.

    The JDM market, however, could stand to lose serious ground as they have a much smaller lobby in Canada.

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