My First Novel – ‘Wasteland’ – Is Now Published And Available Via

It has finally happened – my first novel, ‘Wasteland‘ has been published and is now currently available through as a digital book.  It’s taken years – and it has honestly been the most difficult writing task I have ever tackled – but to have the book out in the world and in the hands of readers is immensely satisfying.

What is ‘Wasteland’ about?  Here’s the blurb on the virtual ‘back cover’ of the book:

“Ryan is a cog in a corporate consultancy based in Montreal, Quebec. One day the steel doors of his office building’s elevator open up to reveal that his workplace has been completely transformed into a desert wasteland. Over the next few weeks he strives to reconcile the desolate vista that surrounds him at work with his seemingly untouched personal life, until events in each environment begin to intersect in ways he could never have predicted. Ryan must then negotiate both the sands that surround him and the intricacies of human relationships in order to save the life of a friend.”

When I started writing ‘Wasteland’ I was in a fairly dark place in terms of my future outlook on life.  I was much younger than I am today, working for the federal government, and I felt like just another replaceable piece of a much larger machine whose purpose was obscure but definitely had nothing to do with my well-being.  It took several years, but I eventually escaped the nine-to-five world and built a career as a freelance writer.  It was then that I found the strength to pick up the ‘Wasteland’ manuscript once again and pour my heart out onto its pages, bringing to life the isolation that had seeped into seemingly every aspect of my existence during that period.

Why did I choose to publish via  In a word, access.  E-books are the future of the publishing industry, and the Kindle platform gives me the ability to reach millions of potential readers who either own a physical Kindle e-reader device or who have downloaded one of the free Kindle apps that allow you to read e-books on almost any device – phones, tablets, iPads, PCs and Macs.  That’s right – you don’t need to own a Kindle to purchase and read Kindle books, you can just download a free application in seconds.  I eventually plan to offer the book via other online platforms such as Barnes and Noble (the Nook and the Nook app).

Writing this book was something I could not have accomplished without the support of my friends and family, and the professional expertise of my editor Patrick Lavery and illustrator Angela Hodge.  I intend to continue to document my foray into the world of e-book publishing and promotion via my blog to give you a glimpse behind the scenes at what this new and rapidly-growing form of media distribution is all about.

Oh, and by all means – if you haven’t already (and I thank you if you have) – please feel free to buy a copy of my book at the following link:

Purchase ‘Wasteland’ by Benjamin Hunting at

One thought on “My First Novel – ‘Wasteland’ – Is Now Published And Available Via

  • I saw this posted over on Facebook and grabbed a copy as a gift for the Kindle. (And I will read with my Kindle app for the PC)


    I agree with your assessment of the electronic format for books.

    I just helped a friend convert one of his books to electronic format for his publisher. I was surprised that he didn’t have it there already.

    Well, it was written two years ago. That’s an eternity ago in the internet world. You can bet that he’ll be doing a conversion from the get-go now.

    Looking forward to the read.

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