Five Years Of Freelance Writing

Last month marked the five year anniversary of my decision to go into freelancing full-time.  Prior to April of 2008, I had been doing plenty of writing within industry but had yet to make the decision to hang out my shingle and open my own freelance writing business.  Six months of part-time freelancing on evenings and weekends convinced me that the market was viable enough to support myself exclusively on writing alone, a supposition that was quickly backed by ample evidence within the first few months of starting up.

I can say now that making the decision to become a freelance writer is the best course I could have possible taken when it comes to selecting a ‘career.’  Writing has allowed me to travel, to meet scores of interesting people, to research and learn about subjects that I had previously only had a passing knowledge of, and, of course, to follow my passions.  Being able to wake up every day and spend a significant portion of it writing about automobiles is a constant reminder of just how fortunate I am to be able to make a living covering a subject that I love.  Branching out to balance my automotive writing with coverage of scientific, medical, and other topics keeps me grounded and prevents me from moving through life with blinders on.

I try to encourage anyone I meet who, upon discovering what I do for a living, replies by telling me that they harbor similar dreams of freelancing.  I was told my entire life – as a child, as a teen, as an adult – that it was impossible to support oneself as a writer.  This is undeniably false, and I realize now that most who would discourage someone from pursuing a particular dream or vocation are speaking from their own place of fear and insecurity.  My biggest regret is that I allowed these opinions to have any kind of influence on my decision-making process – and that I didn’t start freelancing five years sooner than I did.

One thought on “Five Years Of Freelance Writing

  • Benjamin,
    So nice to see your article on NAPA and when looking at your bio saw this advice on freelance writing. This idea came to my mind just last week and I am even more convinced that I should be exploring the idea. ‘

    I have been in the automobile racing industry community since I was 22, after my parents purchased the majority shares in a home track in Xenia, Ohio. My father asked me to buy the concession business there and I did. It was very hard work but being in the industry was always exciting. As years went by and I worked as a full time academic teacher at a vocational school I attained a great deal of information on running a racetrack.

    I have been writing about the experiences but they are not being posted. not because they are not good.
    So I have been working on a website and am stuck doing that on my own.

    Sooo, your advice has helped give me the positive push I need to keep chugging away.
    I was wondering if you have any advice on how to promote my writing?

    Otherwise, I will look for your work and wish you the best in your endeavors.

    Best regards,

    Elizabeth Hosta

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