The 2014 Dodge Challenger Shaker at the Drag Strip


Last night I had the chance to take the 2014 Dodge Challenger Shaker to Napierville Dragway.  Back in the day, ‘shaker’ hoods sat on top of carbureted engines and stuck out through a hole in the hood to suck in as much cool air as possible.  They got the shaker name due to the lumpy cams that were often installed on muscle cars, causing the intake to shake at idle.  Obviously modern fuel injected engines don’t really shake all that much – although solid motor mounts can introduce a bit of vibration – so the Shaker name on the new Challenger is more marketing than anything else.  Since there’s no carb, either, the air gulped down by the intake is re-routed to a Mopar cold-air intake at the front of the engine.

That being said, the Challenger Shaker looks very cool, and it’s dripping with retro attitude that most other current muscle cars can’t match.  The Shaker intake also twists when you accelerate the car, which is pretty neat off-idle.  The car I was testing was equipped with Goodyear RSA all-season tires, which simply couldn’t hook up at stock pressures, causing me to run a fairly disappointing 13.99 on my best pass.  Given the 4,000 lbs weight of the car – and the fact that the Shaker setup doesn’t actually add any power to the Challenger’s standard 375 horse/410 lb-ft output rating – I suppose I wouldn’t have been able to post anything quicker than mid-13’s in any case.

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