Automated License Plate Scanning Vigilantes?


I had a very strange experience this afternoon wherein I witnessed two men, neither of whom would identify themselves, using automated license plate scanning technology on a public street here in Montreal, Quebec.  They were boxing in an SUV that had a parking control boot on the left front wheel, and speaking with a woman who was sitting in the driver’s seat.  Not only would they not explain what they were doing, or who they were (clearly not law enforcement or city workers), but they repeatedly asked me to stop taking photos and leave the scene.

Automated license plate scanners are a touchy issue in Canada, with invasion of privacy claims going up against the efficiencies that they have to offer police officers.  However, I can find little information about how private sector use of these plate scanners is regulated.  If you have any information that could enlighten me, please send me an email.

I published a complete recap of the encounter here at The Car Guide.

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