Visiting Troublemaker Studios

Death Proof Challenger

There was an unexpected bonus to my trip to Austin this past week to drive the 2015 Chrysler 300.  I also had the opportunity to pilot the 2015 Ram Promaster City, which might not seem all that exciting at first until I tell you that Ram arranged for us to get behind the wheel on the grounds of Troublemaker Studios.

Troublemaker is owned and operated by Robert Rodriguez, a filmmaker I have appreciated since I first saw Desperado back in the 90’s.  The studio lot was littered with props from many of his recent projects, including Planet Terror, Death Proof, and Spy Kids.  In fact, Ram set up an obstacle course for the Promaster City – kind of an autocross of sorts – using many of the props and set pieces that were just lying around.

It was also cool to see the studio itself, which was used as the location for many of the outdoor scenes in Planet Terror, and which had an industrial, semi-apocalyptic feel to it thanks to all the metal strewn about the property.

Here’s a few pictures of some of the cooler cars hanging out at Troublemaker.

El Wray Planet Terror
This is El Wray’s tow truck from Planet Terror.  There were at least four versions of the wrecker scattered about, in various states of repair.

55 Chev Planet Terror
The ’55 Chevy from the same movie.

Chingon Machete
This is Chingon from Machete – yes, it runs and drives.

Death Proof Mustang
The Mustang from Death Proof.

Death Proof Challenger
Another shot of the Challenger from Death Proof.  I’m not a huge fan of that movie, but the scene where Zoe Bell is hanging on to the hood while being chased by the film’s villain is incredibly intense.

Spy Kids Jet
Rounding things out is this jet that I am assuming is from Spy Kids – although I haven’t seen the movie.  Anyone want to correct me?

2 thoughts on “Visiting Troublemaker Studios

  • I would like to know everything about the Spy Plane from Spy Kids. I am not sure if you own it or not, I would just like to know where it is.

  • Hi Ricardo – I don’t own any movie props or vehicles, and I’m not sure where the Spy Plane ended up. Wish I could be of more help.

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