Best of Detroit 2015: The Buick Avenir Concept

Buick Avenir Concept

What was my favorite car at this week’s North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan? It wasn’t the Ford GT, the new Raptor, or even the Chevrolet Bolt, but rather a completely unexpected concept car from Buick called the Avenir.

Rolling onto the stage Sunday night at an event that was purportedly all about the Buick Cascada convertible, the Avenir caught us all by surprise. It also happened to be absolutely gorgeous in a way that indicates Buick could be on the verge of balancing out its Opel-heavy design language with some homegrown style of its own.

The Avenir will most likely never be built, but I hope to see the next-generation Buick LaCrosse full-size sedan looking as much like this stunning concept as possible.

Runner-up in my list of Detroit favorites was the Hyundai Santa Cruz Concept. A ‘concept’ in name only, this compact pickup is based on existing Hyundai crossover architecture and could be built tomorrow, if there’s enough of a positive response from potential buyers. What a great, disruptive idea for a company that’s making a habit of breaking into unexpected market segments.

I interviewed Mark Dipko, Director of Corporate Planning at Hyundai, about the Santa Cruz for Autobytel. Check it out above.

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