Affordable Jaguar E-Types Are A Thing That Is Real

Jaguar E-Type

I discovered something somewhat startling this week when researching an ‘affordable dream cars’ piece for the eBay Motors blog: I could actually park a Jaguar E-Type in my driveway for Toyota Camry money.

There are of course a couple of caveats: I have to be willing to accept a 2+2 version of Jaguar’s most beautiful design (a little longer, a little heavier), and if I want a V12 under the hood I’ll have to fork over a bit more money. Then there’s the fact that Camry-priced E-Types are all going to require at least a little work, so maybe it’s more fair to pin their ask at the ‘base BMW 3 Series’ level.

Still, these gorgeous coupes are out there for between $25k and $35k if you’re willing to buy a driver, not a trailer queen. Check out the details at the eBay Motors blog for a full rundown on affordable E-Type ownership.

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