Ultimate Guide to Taking Your Car To The Track

Back when I first became interested in track driving – road courses, rather than the autocross that I had been fairly serious about for a couple of years previous – there really wasn’t a lot of information available online aimed at helping the first-time participant. Sure, there were message boards where you could ask specific questions, and if you were lucky there was usually someone at the track who was willing to talk to you and help you out with the basics, but I can remember rolling into the paddock at New Hampshire Motor Speedway for my initial BMW club driving event and feeling quite intimidated by the circus around me.

With that in mind, after 10 years of trial, error, and hard-earned experience (read: mistakes), I put together a guide at eBay Motors that outlines how to get a vehicle ready for that big on-track moment – and also how to prepare yourself for the entire experience. It covers safety, rules and regulations, small but important upgrades to make sure your car is capable of handling a full day of flogging, and the maintenance you should have taken care of before you hit the track. I also talk about tires, suspension, brakes, and even helmets to try to provide as clear and useful of a primer as possible.

Check out the track guide here at eBay Motors and let me know if you think it’s helpful for you as you make your first moves into the motorsports environment.

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