Anatomy Of a Code 45 Panel

One of the best things about collaborating with creatively talented people is that they often take a concept in a different direction than it was originally intended, and improve it in the process.

This panel is a perfect example. In the script I sent to Joe Ng, I described Vanessa as sitting on her own at a party, isolated from the people around her. In my mind I was picturing the classic wallflower, hovering at the edges of a scene but not able to get involved with the action.

Joe’s decision to take Vanessa and place her directly in the middle of a sea of writhing bodies adds so much more emotional weight to the entire panel. There she is, surrounded by a mass of humanity, but their faces are obscured and any detail about them is equally impossible to discern. She’s unable to make a connection – even in her mind as she imagines herself attending her first rave – and that’s driven home by the anonymity of the human tableau on all sides.

It’s amazing to me that Joe could make someone who is meant to be on the margins the actual focal point of a scene, and use that focus to drive home the character’s isolation in a far more effective way than if they had been relegated to the sidelines.

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