Code 45 Issue 1 Kickstarter Is Live!

This morning I did something I’ve never done before: clicked the ‘Launch’ button on a Kickstarter project and made the Code 45 Issue 1 crowdfunding project official. You can find the campaign at

Together with Joe Ng and Angela Hodge, I’ve spent the last two years putting in a huge amount of work to get to this moment. The run-up in the last couple of months alone – signing out publishing deal, taking a crash course on Kickstarter, working to build an online following for the book – has been a whirlwind of stress, learning, and promotion. Along the way so many friends have reached out and pledged their support that it’s been overwhelming.

In many ways, we’re still at the beginning. The ultimate goal is to ensure that the entire five-issue Code 45 miniseries makes it into the hands of our audience, and then into retail and comic book stores through our contract with Scout Comics, but that all starts with ensuring the success of the Kickstarter campaign for the first issue, and then building on that until all five have been printed and shipped.

It’s amazing to see something that’s lived inside my head for so long finally exist in a format that other people can pick up, read, share, and enjoy. I’m also grateful that there’s room in this world for stories that deviate from the mainstream, that explore things we’re not always comfortable talking about, that come from unexpected places, and that are filled with characters you don’t always get to hear from.

Read the first five pages of Code 45 by clicking here.

The full Code 45 series is currently available via Kickstarter at

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