How To Become A Character In Code 45

We had a great question from a supporter over at today, who was curious about our ‘become a character’ rewards tier. Specifically, they wanted to know if it was more like being:

a) store clerk at a gas station as the character purchases a soda, so a larger image, possibly a snarky remark about the characters choice of soda


b) drawn into a crowd at a rave.

For the supporters-as-characters that we’ve done so far, they haven’t had any lines of dialogue. But they aren’t pushed into the background, either. To use the rave example, someone who chose to become a Code 45 character would not just be present in a crowd or scene but their face would be clearbly visible and recognizable as them on the page.

It’s important for us that you see yourself in the book, and that someone who knew you would also see you, too. Artist Joe Ng works directly with each person who chooses to become a character to make sure they’re represented accurately within the Code 45 universe.

Here’s a black-and-white sneak peak at one of the upcoming issue pages where you can see an example of one of our supporters from the Issue 1 Kickstarter who chose to become a character partying with Vanessa and Nikki.

Click here to read the first 8 pages of Code 45 for free!

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