72 Hours To Go In The Code 45 #1-3 Kickstarter Campaign

We’re just under 72 hours to for the Code 45 #1-3 campaign at www.code-45.com, and we’re inching closer to the next stretch goal (dark hardcore DJ mix + secret folding paper toy).

If you can help get the word out about Code 45 over the next couple of days and help push us closer to the next goal, that would be amazing. It’s your willingness to share about our project online and by word of mouth that makes the biggest difference in drawing in supporters and curious readers.

I wanted to talk a little about my inspiration for the book’s main character, and how she ties in to my own experiences when I was roughly the same age. I moved to Montreal when I was 18 years old, at the end of the ’90s. In the first year I lived in the city, I made exactly one new friend – and that only because I somehow had the nerve to knock on his door in our shared apartment building after hearing him blast my favorite blues guitarist at all hours of the day. I figured we had common ground.

I thought back to that experience a lot when I was writing our hero Vanessa’s character for Code 45. Like me, she’s new to the city, and also like me, she’s struggling to figure out how to connect with people, whether it’s at work, or in the rave scene she’s suddenly introduced to, or just one-on-one with her peers and colleagues.

She’s lucky to have Pierre-Yves, her roommate, to act as a social lubricant as sorts – something I myself couldn’t count on in my early Montreal days – but that only goes so far.

Big cities are filled with people, but they can be extremely isolating because of that. The mass of humanity passing you by on the sidewalk or on the escalator down into the metro might as well be hunks of ice flowing down a steady river of winter loneliness.

Breaking through and actually making a connection is rare in life, and figuring out how to do that in completely new environment is one of the pressures that formed Vanessa’s character for me.

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