Vixen TD 21: Sportiest RV of All Time

A side-effect of the whole #vanlife craze has been that more traditional RVs are increasingly overlooked. This summer, I discovered a motorhome I had never even heard of, one that was obscure even during the era in which mammoth bring-it-all-with-you models were beginning their dominance of America’s highways and campgrounds: the Vixen TD 21.

Designed to fit in a standard garage, offer reasonable handling and fuel mileage, and outfitted with a manual transmission, the Vixen went against every prevailing RV market trend. Although it had too short a season, the TD 21 still enjoys a healthy enthusiast base today, which was a big help when I put together this feature on the vehicle for Hagerty.

Sometimes as a writer you’re able to make a strong connection with you audience that extends beyond the page. Imagine my honor and surprise when the founder of Vixen and the designer of the TD 21, Bill Collins, reached out to me after having read my story with kind words of his own about the article. Collins isn’t just the man behind the motorhome, but also a giant of the automotive industry who was behind the DeLorean DMC-12, the Pontiac GTO, and the Pontiac Banshee concept.

Collins sent me the photo above that illustrates his first and last projects together, fitting book-ends for a career as diverse and vital as his. Now I have to figure out how to get him to let me take a turn behind the wheel of both the Vixen and the Banshee.

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