Loving The Unloved: 50 Cars Collectors Keep Passing Over

Over the past several months I had the distinct pleasure of collaborating with some of the most knowledgeable minds in automotive journalism in putting together a comprehensive list of cars, trucks, and SUVs that collectors continually overlook. For reasons related to provenance, the era they were built, or in many cases the generational forces that have guided the classic car business for the past several decades, there exists an entire cohort of interesting automobiles that never got their due alongside contemporary classics.

Thanks to the team at Inside Hook, I was able to put together a feature that dives deep into the path less traveled among car collectors and come up with 50 vehicles that deserve more than what they’ve been given in terms of attention, plus another 5 more modern entries that threaten to appear on future underappreciated lists once they’ve accumulated enough time under their belts. Big thanks to Alanis King, Sami Haj-Assad, Jodi Lai, Derek Powell, John Voelcker, Emme Hall, Jason Torchinsky, Brian Rabold, Elana Scherr, Brendan McAleer, Lyn Woodward, and Antoine Joubert for their excellent contributions to this piece.

You can check out our collective take on the 50 most underappreciated cars of all time here at Inside Hook.

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