Code 45 #1-5 Full Series Launches June 1

The final Code 45 Kickstarter campaign will go live at 8 am, Tuesday, June 1!

This campaign will include the #4-5 Mega-Issue that wraps up the Code 45 story, but it will also offer all five issues, as well as an exclusive 120+ page graphic novel edition of the entire Code 45 series and a ton of cool rewards and extras as we celebrate the culmination of Vanessa’s journey.

The Kickstarter pre-launch page is up at, where you can click to be notified as soon as the campaign launches!

Over the coming month we’ll be bringing a ton of cool Code 45 content to the Facebook page as we prepare for the #1-5 Kickstarter, and of course keeping tabs on everything here on my own site.

Once things get started on Kickstarter, we’ll be diving deep into what it was like to bring this series to a close.

Click here to read the first 8 pages of Code 45 for free!

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