The Code 45 Graphic Novel Shipped World-Wide And Your Kickstarter Can Too

It’s been a continual surprise how far and wide Code 45 has spread across the globe. When we ran our first campaign for Issue #1, the vast majority of our supporters hailed from Canada, which only makes sense. After all, this is where our creative team is based, and as I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts, much of our early support came from friends and family.

Still, there were some intriguing outliers. Code 45 #1 saw support trickle in from the UK, Australia, and Japan, and we were happy to box up the books and send them so far from our Montreal HQ.

Two months later, the mega-issue dramatically flipped the geography of our campaign. We had just as many Canadians pledge to pick up a copy of Code 45, but our American-based supporters tripled, as did those from the United Kingdom.

This made sense, for several reasons. By the time we had our second Kickstarter off the ground, we’d been able to build a much larger online audience for the book, and we also had a lot more visibility on the platform thanks to being selected as a ‘Project We Love’ by the Kickstarter team. Given that the U.S. market is so much bigger than the Canadian one—and that the majority of our supporters for Issues 2 and 3 were brand new—it was logical for the U.S. to be better represented.

What caught us off-guard, however, was just how much more international the overall support for Code 45 had become. We now counted as many as 19 countries on our list of backers, with Australia, Germany, Belgium and Norway all kicking for multiple copies. On top of that, we now also counted readers in France, Malaysia, Finland, Japan, Malta, New Zealand, Macao, the Netherlands, Hong Kong, Spain, Singapore, France, and Poland.

I’ve encountered many Kickstarters that don’t offer international shipping, due to fears that it would be too expensive and scare off potential backers. Our experience with Code 45 has proven that even with higher, but still reasonable, shipping costs outside of North America, it’s possible to attract a global audience for a crowdfunding campaign. Do your research, set your rates right, and you can add hundreds of new spots on the map where your comic ends up.

Click here to read the first 8 pages of Code 45 for free!

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