Code 45 Comic Character Bio: Pierre-Yves, aka ‘The Glue’

It’s Monday on the Code 45 Kickstarter campaign, which means it’s time for a fresh character bio. Today we’re going to look at Pierre-Yves, Vanessa’s roommate, who serves as her entry point to the world of Montreal’s underground music scene.

Pierre-Yves is loosely based on an amalgamation of people I met in the rave scene back in my early promoting and performing days. He’s well-connected, easy to be around, and genuinely wants to make sure everyone at a party is having a good time regardless of whether he’s the one who’s spinning the tunes or not. He’s the glue, he’s the fun, and he’s a genuine person who treats others with respect. The rave world is filled to the brim with people just like him.

At the same time, artist Joe Ng somehow managed to magically scan my brain and pull out a bunch of the, um, style decisions that I myself had made in that particular era. Goatee? Check. Big, bouncy curly hair? Check. Regrettable visor? Also check. I’m not sure how he did it, because even though Joe and I have known each other a very long time, he never saw me in full rave regalia. Nevertheless, it was an amusing surprise when I first saw the character designs for Pierre-Yves.

He’s the perfect conduit for Vanessa to enter a world she didn’t even know existed before they started living together. Every subculture offers one or two people who cast their social net far and wide and take delight in introducing their friends to what they think is cool, hip, and exciting. Vanessa’s tendency to keep to herself almost requires the presence of a character like Pierre-Yves to help move the story forward by expanding her horizons in a city where she’s had trouble making new connections.

We also gave him a bit of mystery in his background. As the story goes on, we find ouf that maybe Pierre-Yves had a past life that bleeds into the present in ways he hasn’t exactly been forthcoming about.

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