In-Universe Rewards Are New For The Code 45 Kickstarter

It’s been one week since we launched the Code 45 Kickstarter campaign, and in that time we’ve hit 200 backers and almost 80 percent of our goal. That is incredible, and we remain flabbergasted by how quickly the Code 45 community has rallied around the entire series being available for the first time.

Today I wanted to talk about two specific rewards that designer Angela Hodge created specifically for this campaign. Several months ago we sent out a survey to the Code 45 Dragon Hunter’s email list asking what kind of rewards people wanted to see with our next campaign. We had a bunch of intriguing responses that got our minds going in several different directions, but one of the most popular suggestions was to focus on ‘in-world’ items—that is to say, stuff from the Code 45 universe that the characters would conceivably interact with, or use in their daily lives.

The first idea we went with was Vanessa’s ID badge. This was a fun one, because we’ve never put together a hard plastic card for Code 45 before, nor taken a crack at what an STCUM ID badge from the early 2000s might look like. Angela got her imagination going, and also included a set of dragon swipes on the back to show just how close Vanessa got to the action in the two final issues.

The NIGHT passes are designed to offer a similar early-2k esthetic, but aimed at metro passengers rather than drivers. Here we had to get particularly creative. Back in the day the STCUM didn’t put too much effort into their day/evening passes, so we took our inspiration from the era a couple of years after Code 45 was set, which featured a much more visually interesting style. 

It’s also the final period before Montreal’s public transit went to a super-boring, but eco-friendly reloadable card, so this was the last opportunity to play with the changing monthly/weekly patterns that the STCUM had employed up until then. By incorporating some of Joe Ng’s environments and a visual flair from Angela, she designed a NIGHT pass for the bravest of souls willing to fearlessly navigate the danger of Montreal’s metro tunnels during prime dragon activity time.

Each of these rewards are available for $5 as add-ons to any of the physical tiers, which means if we’re mailing something to you, we can slip these in to the package at no extra shipping cost. You can also snag them both via the two Mega Paks, which bundle all of our fun extras along with either the full Code 45 #1-5 series in issues or the 120+ page graphic novel format.

Click here to read the first 8 pages of Code 45 for free!

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