It’s A Code 45 #FullPageFriday With A Look Inside Issue #4

The Code 45 campaign is heading towards its first stretch goal, which we will be announcing tomorrow. at In the meantime it’s Full Page Friday with this sneak peak at Issue #4.

Vanessa’s journey towards understanding the dragon menace that surrounds her really kicks into high gear in this particular issue. On this page we start to see the first fruits of her efforts. In the first panel she’s interviewing a raver about their experiences in the tunnel, and since they’ve had some type of dragon contact it’s clear that they happen to be off-duty STCUM, too.

Every great mystery narrative has a scene or two where the hero works hard at putting everything together, and in a sense that’s what’s happening in panel 2. We get a nice look at some early-2k posters in Vanessa’s room as she sits at her desk (including Massive Attack’s Mezzanine, a personal favorite of artist Joe Ng), and then in the third and final panel we finally get a close-up of her by-now ubiquitous notebook. 

Paired with a hand-drawn sketch of what some of the dragons others have encountered might look like, it’s a glimpse into Vanessa’s head that shows her traveling down a new, and potentially very dangerous, path. Is she on the verge of knowing too much? Will she be able to handle the truth, or will it consume her, too?

Click here to read the first 8 pages of Code 45 for free!

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