Today’s Code 45 #FullPageFriday Highlights Vanessa’s 1st Dragon Encounter

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For today’s #FullPageFriday, I wanted to highlight Vanessa’s first major dragon sighting, which happens to her alongside Nikki, her night shift companion, early on in our story.

Artist Joe Ng did a masterful job with this initial taste of the surreal, as you can see the beast’s scales begin to slide into view, blurred by the motion of the metro train, in the page’s initial panel. As we zoom in on Nikki’s face, the eye is then drawn to the full-page backdrop of a muscular, writhing dragon body dwaring the train speeding alongside it through the adjacent tunnel.

We know that both Niki and Vanessa have seen what we’ve seen by the shock and terror on their faces in the fourth panel, before the dragon again blurs out of existence and the pair ride into a seemingly unaffected metro station, frightened out of their minds but still somehow intact.

How can such an incredible, massive creature move through the world of Code 45 seemingly without consequence? What does it mean on the following page when Nikki refuses to talk to Vanessa about what they both just witnessed? And is this the start of a descent into darknessthat no one could have predicted? This page sets up so much of the conflict and chaos to come in Code 45.

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