Interviewing Fast 9 Screenwriter Daniel Casey

It’s rare that I get the chance to interview someone attached to a part of pop culture that has been so important to me for so many years. When I was given the opportunity to speak with Daniel Casey, who wrote the screenplay for the latest Fast and Furious installment (alongside director Justin Lin), it was more than just another day at the office.

I was impressed by how open and honest Casey was in answering my questions about the franchise, even when I went a little into the weeds in discussing timeline (he confirmed with me that no one ‘officially’ knows exactly when 2 Fast 2 Furious takes place) and other projects (he’s working on an adaptation of Clifford Simak’s Way Station for Netflix). He also dove deep into the decision to bring the character Han ‘back to life,’ as well as boosting the the profile of the women in the Fast and Furious universe.

Check out the full interview at here.

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