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Why Spend Money On A Brand-New Tape Deck In My Jeep?

This past year I got in touch with Jeremy’s Radio Emporium about refurbishing the factory tape deck in my 1987 Jeep Grand Wagoneer. Although I swapped out the original driveline for a more modern LS V8 engine, I’ve worked hard to keep everything else about the Jeep as stock-appearing as possible, and it turns out that this attitude extended to the in-vehicle entertainment system, too.

For the same amount I could have spent on a fancy new nav system I instead asked Jeremy to meticulously restore my two-channel, 13-watt RMS tape deck so I could enjoy the hiss and warble of the hundreds of cassettes I’d accumulated at garage sales and specialty shops (along with a handful of mixed tapes that had survived from my teenage years in the 90s).

Why did I do this? It wasn’t nostalgia—it was something else entirely, which I documented in this feature for Hagerty. It’s also put a convinced me to start a new series of posts here where I review some of my favorite albums in cassette form through the filter of my Jeep’s 34 year old stereo system. Look for those to start trickling in over the next couple of months, and until then please enjoy my musings over at Hagerty.

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