Cadillac Secretly Revealed Its ’90s Future In 1988 With the Voyage Concept

Sometimes car companies give away more than they’re letting on when a concept car rolls out onto the stage at one of the world’s major auto shows. I’ve been putting together a series of features over at The Drive that explores forgotten concept cars that played a major role in shaping the future of not just their own companies, but occasionally that of the industry at large, too.

My latest entry in this series is this look at the Cadillac Voyage Concept, a car that was ostensibly about showing off the luxury brand’s tech prowess but actually set the tone for its styling turn-around in the 1990s, as well as introduced the world to the all-new DOHC engine that would become the Northstar V8. It’s not a stretch to say that the Voyage was the lit fuse that lead to the Northstar, the STS, and the transformation of Cadillac’s fortunes from purveyor of also-ran land barges to legitimate luxury threat.

Click here to read the full story at The Drive.

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