Can One Good Car Save An Entire Doomed Brand? How About Four Good Cars?

Some car companies just weren’t meant to survive past their best-before date, but of those that straggled on into an uncertain future, were there any last-minute sales champions lurking behind the curtain that could have saved them from the chopping block had they debuted in time?

In this Hagerty piece, I took a look at four cars that never were for an equal number of automotive failures culled from the last 30 years. There are some familiar names in there—AMC, Plymouth, Eagle—but to me, the most intriguing is Hummer, which was on the verge of debuting the HX Wrangler-fighter just before the global recession wiped it off the map.

I’ve got more coming about potential Hummer saviors in the near future, but check out my musings on these four would-be game-changers at this link.

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