‘How We Created The Code 45 Graphic Novel’ Podcast Is Coming

I’ve done a lot of writing here on my blog about what the process of making Code 45 has been like. Not only has this helped provide me with perspective on the act of writing and producing my first graphic novel, but it’s also—I hope—helped peel back the curtain on both the creative and practical sides of bringing a book like this to life.

At the same time, what I’ve been mostly able to offer is just that—my perspective. As the writer, I’m only one part of the Code 45 team that includes Joe Ng, Angela Hodge, and Josh Perez. Each of their contributions has been equally vital in translating our hero Vanessa’s story from my brain onto the printed page, and as artist, designer, letterer, and colorist of Code 45 they have their own unique viewpoint on what it’s been like to build this world.

I came to the realization that there was a medium that would be the perfect fit for getting a 360-degree perspective on the Code 45 graphic novel project: a podcast. As someone who’s been podcasting for many, many years, I’m quite familiar with how the flow of casual conversation about a specific topic can wring unexpected insight, even from something you thought you were already familiar with. Throw in the cross-pollination that can occur when every member of the team has the chance to discuss what was important to them during the creative process, the challenges that they personally faced in creating their art, and what it was like to help shepherd a first-timer like me through building a comic book from the ground up, and it seems like a Code 45 podcast is a natural.

Currently, we’re working through the production of the final two Code 45 issues, but once those are complete we’ll be turning our focus to our retail launch in 2022 with Scout Comics. In the gap between those two important Code 45 landmarks, we’ll be recording our podcast mini-series, in part as a brain dump about everything that’s gone right and wrong while creating the book, but also as an introduction for the new audience that the graphic novel is going to encounter in stores.

As part of that, I’d like to ask you for any questions you might have about Code 45: what it was like to create the book, where the ideas for Vanessa’s dragon adventures came from, what the biggest challenges were in making the entire project happen, any anything in-between that you might like to know about Joe, Angela, Josh, or myself. You can leave your comments on this post, contact me here directly, or find me on Twitter or Instagram.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Click here to read the first 8 pages of Code 45 for free!

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