Super Cool Kickstarter Rewards Are Piling Up At Code 45 HQ

Spooky times this October here at Code 45 headquarters, but we’re beating back both the spirits and the encroaching cold with these totally awesome Kickstarter rewards that we’ve been gathering up as we prepare to fulfill our most recent campaign. Here’s a look at what we’ve got waiting so far.

Vanessa’s STCUM ‘Hard Card’ ID

These came out fantastic. Designer Angela Hodge had essentially free reign here to put her spin on what an ID card for Montreal’s metro drivers would look like in the Code 45 universe. I personally love the city skyline in the background combined with the dragon scratches on the back of the hard plastic card.

Night Passes

When I first moved to Montreal I couldn’t afford a monthly pass all at once, so I would buy weeklies. I took that idea and narrowed it down even further to create the concept of ‘Night Passes’ that were valid only during the darkest hours of the STCUM schedule. Angela based these on in-era monthly stock, which almost always included cool art, repurposing several panels from Code 45 alongside the book’s logo as well as design elements from period-correct STCUM access cards.

Dragon Stickers

Another great design from Angela Hodge, these stickers take two of the craziest panels from Code 45 and turn them into a sticker set fit for bombing anything with a tack-friendly surface.

We’ve got a couple more pieces of Code 45 flair on the way, and once those arrive in the mail room we’ll follow up with the complete set of dragon swag that’s set to be sent out to all of the amazing backers who supported our graphic novel.

Click here to read the first 8 pages of Code 45 for free!

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