A Code 45 Board Game? The Latest 3D Printing Fun

Angela Hodge, the designer and letterer of the Code 45 graphic novel, has spent the last month or so experimenting with creating 3D printed representations of Code 45 characters. When I lasted checked in with her, she was focused on Vanessa and Pierre-Yves, but as of today her efforts have expanded considerably.

She started by sending me images of a DJ deck. On one turntable, there’s a record representing ‘mental health,’ and the other, ‘physical health.

Next up was a Montreal metro car. I asked her what the indentation on the roof was for, and she sent me the following picture.

Wait a minute—is that the 3D printed Vanessa figurine riding on top of the metro car? Yes, yes it is.

A refresher on what hte hand-painted Vanessa prototype looked like.

But why? Where would she be going? What kind of adventures require such specialized transportation?

It wasn’t until I saw this picture that it all became clear. Angela has been secretly working on a board game version of Code 45! Both her and her partner, artist Joe Ng, are huge board game fans, so it’s no surprise that with her extensive background in toy design that she was itching to take the book’s narrative and translate it into a more tangible format.

Although things like game play, turn-taking, rules, and goals are still up in the air, it’s a lot of fun to see something that has only existed either in our heads or on the printed page take shape like this. We don’t currently have any plans to push forward with a Code 45 game as yet, but it’s something that might very well be in the future for Vanessa and company—complete with a 3D printed dragon menace!

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