Is An Electric Suzuki Sidekick The Answer?

I’ve been working on a series of features at Inside Hook that examine the potential for retired automotive nameplates to make a return in a fresh, modern context. My first foray into the topic posited a revival of the late, lamented Pontiac GTO as a potential electric muscle car. My latest effort also leverages the potential of electrification, but heads in a decidedly different direction by focusing on a redux of the Suzuki Sidekick.

On the face of it, a battery-powered Sidekick (based on a stretched version of the current Suzuki Jimny’s bones) has a lot going for it: small, nimble, and off-road capable, with enough space under its body-on-frame design for a modest power pack. From a business perspective, the Sidekick (which was also marketed as the Vitara, and the Chevrolet/Geo Tracker) presents an appealing opportunity for brand synergy on both sides of the ocean.

Check out my arguments in favor of an electric Suzuki Sidekick here.

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