Code 45 #1 Is On Sale Now!

After nearly four years of hard work, three Kickstarter campaigns, and one pandemic, Code 45 #1 has hit comic book stores in both Canada and the United States thanks to Scout Comics!


I’ve learned so much bringing my first comic book to life, especially from the Code 45 team of Angela Hodge (letterer/design), Joe Ng (artist), Josh Perez (colorist) and Andrea Molinari (editor). It was a crash course in visual story-telling in an entirely new medium, and I couldn’t have had a better curriculum or group of teachers.

Benjamin holding a copy of Code 45 Issue 1
Hey, that’s me holding a copy of Code 45 #1!

If you want to learn more about the long road this Code 45 moment, you can check out the series of blog posts I wrote detailing the entire process as it happened. Or, you can head to your local comic book shop and pick up a copy of Code 45 #1 today!

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