Coming Back To Life After Shipping The Code 45 Kickstarter

This past month has been a lot. I spent practically every evening and weekend day over the last two weeks packing, addressing, and then shipping out nearly 400 Code 45 packages. It essentially became a full-time second job, where I’d end my normal writing workday and then immediately transition over to the spare bedroom that had been completely taken over by Code 45 swag and books, taping and stuffing envelopes and then weighing them in my office before finally buying online postage and adding them to the shipping pile.

(Along the way, I reacquainted myself with the madness that is the Canadian postal system. Why is it that it costs me more to ship something to Victoriaville, Quebec, a 90-minute drive from Montreal, than it does for me to send the same package to Singapore or the U.K.? Why does shipping from Montreal to Newfoundland, or Alberta, cost as much as shipping to Australia? It’s insane to me that it’s considerably more expensive for me to fill orders within my own country than it is to ship across the border to the U.S.)

Now that that’s done, I can truly say that my Code 45 Kickstarter responsibilities are over. We launched the first campaign in March of 2020, so that makes 2.5 years of solid promotion, production, and fulfillment surrounding the comic book. At this point, Code 45 is in retail stores through Scout Comics, which is an entirely new arena when it comes to getting the word out, but it’s one that comes with a lot less stress on our side in terms of overhead and time commitment.

Moving out of this phase of Code 45 also helps remove a huge mental block standing between myself and starting the new writing projects that I have been planning over the past while. It was extremely difficult to dedicate thought-cycles to new ideas when I felt terrible about the fact that my first book verging on being six months past what we had initially promised our supporters (who never once complained or contributed to these entirely self-generated vibes). Finishing the final Code 45 Kickstarter became my overriding creative concern, and it put many other parts of my life into a holding pattern until it was achieved.

I realize this is somewhat of a messy post. I’m feeling a bit messy myself. It’s a mix of two things, I think. The first is the euphoria that comes with knowing our supporters can finally finish the Code 45 saga, and that Vanessa’s story now lives in their minds, where they can approach it from their own unique perspectives and make the story their own. The second is the excitement, and terror, of finally being able to turn my full attention to what comes next, however gradual a process that might turn out to be.

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