Code 45 Issue #3 Is On Sale Now! Or Sept. 21!

Code 45 Issue #3 is on sale TODAY! Pick it up at your local comic book store, or order it from (or at the counter of any shop). *NOTE: not all shops received full orders on the 14, due to a paper shortage that pushed delivery back to September 21.

Code 45 Issue 3 Scout Comics Cover

Check out this amazing cover from Joe Ng and Josh Perez as our story takes a much darker turn into the full weight of the dragon mystery. It’s personally my favorite cover from the Scout print run. I love the level of detail Joe invested into every square inch, and how it dives deep into Nikki’s state of mind, a character who’s becoming increasingly important as Vanessa continues to probe what’s happening in Montreal’s metro tunnels.

There are only two more issues left in the Code 45 series. If you missed out on Issues #1 and #2, you can order them either from your favorite comic book shop, or direct from Scout Comics.

Click here to read the first 8 pages of Code 45 for free!

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