The Honda J-VX Concept Predicted The CR-Z And The NSX Both

It’s safe to say that the supercar realm has given over almost entirely to the seductions of electrification. There’s simply too much tempting torque to leave on the table when building a 200-mph monster to ignore the sledgehammer acceleration provided by a well-designed hybrid system. Having firmly established a beachhead among models like the Ferrari SF90, the McLaren Speedtail and the Koenigsegg Regera, battery tech has also trickled down to more affordable sports cars like the Acura NSX Type S.

Although the latter might seem to be most influenced by the upper strata of speed, the electric origins of the NSX actually have a seldom-discussed in-house ancestor. Let’s set the dial on the time machine all the way back to 1997 so we can chart the jagged course from the little-known Honda J-VX concept all the way through to the automaker’s current sports car strategy.

Did you know that Honda predicted its own future not once, but twice with the J-VX concept, a mid-90s hybrid concept that painted the way forward in terms of styling and execution for both the CR-Z and the latest NSX? Read the whole story here at Inside Hook.

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