I Finally Drive The 2023 Nissan Z

It’s tough out there for sports cars, especially for those brands making an effort to keep price tags reasonable. While models accompanied by six-figure bills increasingly soar on the wings of an electrical Icarus, more traditional fare lacking a hybrid helping hand has gradually faded from the market in favor of statement-making SUVs.

Aware of the shrinking attention spans for sub-$40K sports cars, the Japanese automaker did its best to leverage the equity in its iconic Z badge by largely carrying over the previous-generation coupe’s chassis and pairing it with a significant power boost under the hood. The end result is a two-seat steed that serves to carry the Z’s colors into the future long enough for the trends to turn and bring affordable performance back into vogue.

As a long-time Datsun 280Z owner, I have more than a passing interest in each new iteration of Nissan’s affordable sports car. After having languished well past its buy-before date over the course of the past decade, the Z—now stripped of its traditional numerical appellation—is back in fairly refreshed form. Although it’s not a complete do-over, the Z features an interesting blend of now and then in terms of its platform, drivetrain, and styling.

My thoughts after living with the 2023 Nissan Z for a week for Inside Hook.

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