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Psssst—Wanna Buy A Bulletproof Car?

When you hear the words “armored car,” you might imagine the behemoth Gurkha and MRAP trucks driven by the likes of the Rock in the Fast and Furious franchise, over-the-top, quasi-military machines designed to withstand a thousand Hollywood bullets in a blaze of cinematic glory. Or maybe you picture the slab-sided rolling vaults that move from bank to bank, picking up ATM deposits and dropping off payrolls under the watchful eye of armed guards

While these rugged rigs are indeed a part of the armored-vehicle spectrum, there’s an entire subset of bulletproof cars and trucks that you wouldn’t be able to pick out of traffic, even if they were idling beside you at a stoplight. What goes into transforming a daily-driven SUV, sedan or pickup from civilian-spec to bullet-shirking survivor? I spoke with The Armored Group’s senior manager James Jamila to find out.

The market for armored cars ranges from banks and executives all the way down to doomsday preppers. This piece for Inside Hook dives deep into how these vehicles are built, how sturdy they are when put to the test, and what it will cost you to beat a ballistic punch from behind the wheel.

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