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Chrysler’s Coolest Limousine, Built From Its Cheapest Car

When the only tool you have is a hammer, then everything around you looks like a nail. And when you’re Chrysler, and the only platform you have on the shelf is the K-Car, then everything around you looks like a LeBaron. So it went for the Pentastar’s strangest luxury gambit, in which the recipe for a home-cooked limousine borrowed its broth from the dregs of the automaker’s lineup.

Chances are if you lived through the 80s, you spent at least a few moments of your life inside a K-Car, or one of its dozen or so derivatives (including the Chrysler minivan). But were you lucky enough to experience the grace and style of the K-Car Executive Limousine? I explore the corporate dynamics that produce a high-end luxury ride from a bargain-basement econo-car platform in this feature for Motor Trend.

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