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New Leaf Springs Killed My Jeep’s ‘Wag Sag’

Ever since I bought my 1987 Jeep Grand Wagoneer and began to modernize it, I’ve wanted to use the vintage Jeep as a tow rig for my 1978 Datsun 280Z on track days. Unfortunately, I overlooked a crucial area of my project—suspension—which put a serious damper on my towing plans. More accurately, I tried to save some cash with a workaround instead of doing things the right way from the start. The end result forced me to find an alternative tow machine at the last minute to save my final track date of 2022, teaching me an important lesson about not cutting corners.

The saga of my Jeep Grand Wagoneer project continues with this story over at Hagerty that details the importance of not overlooking something as crucial as spring replacement when restoring a classic vehicle. Spoiler alert: there are some pretty ridiculous photos of me trying to tow my Datsun on the old-and-busted leafs at the back of my rig. Click here to read the entire tale.

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