Dead Air Issue #1 Is Live On Kickstarter!

Issue #1 of the Dead Air comic book is LIVE on Kickstarter at!

What if one day a year, every year, you could talk to the dead? That’s the world of Dead Air, where the miraculous D-TALq technology has now been commoditized to the point where it’s lost more than a little of its luster. When main character Michelle finally heads to her local D-TALq franchise to reach out to a long-departed friend from her college radio days, she gets the surprise of her life that forces her to question everything she thought she knew about her past, all while striving to understand its impact on the future of everyone she cares about.

Dead Air jumps back and forth, time-wise, between Michelle’s late-90s college radio scene friendships and the tragedy that shaped her present, and the early-2010s adulthood that she and her fellow post-grads are navigating so many years later. It’s sci-fi with a soundtrack, but more importantly, it’s a look at the ties—and tunes—that bind people together across both time and space.

Dead Air is written by Benjamin Hunting with art by Joe Ng, colors by Maja Opacic, letters by Reed Hinckley-Barnes, and design by Angela Hodge.

Click here to read the first 4 pages of Dead Air #1 for free!

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