Day-Late Full Page Friday Art Drop for Dead Air

This post was supposed to go up yesterday as a Full Page Friday art drop to get us all in a weekend mood. However, the company that makes my WordPress theme had other ideas and released a half-baked update that tanked my site for 24 hours.

But better late than never! Here’s a fantastic page from Dead Air that I wish I had been able to share with you yesterday.

What I love about this page is how Joe Ng’s art manages to tell a complete emotional story even when presented without its dialogue or narration. Watching Michelle move from present day in the D-TALq waiting room, to flashing back to her college years, and then pulling that sadness and guilt forward with her as she returns to reality, only to be interrupted as her name is called for her D-TALq session is a beginning, middle, and ending arc all contained within four comic book panels.

One of the most amazing things about comics is how many different ways the medium allows you to tell your story. Being able to combine Joe’s visual narrative skills with the words describing the inner thoughts and emotional expression from the Dead Air script offers a powerful one-two punch when creating a fully-realized world for our characters to inhabit.

Click here to read the first 4 pages of Dead Air #1 for free!

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