One Last 9-Panel Art Blast For Dead Air, Kickstarter’s Featured Project Of The Day

With just under 24 hours left to go in the Kickstarter campaign for Dead Air #1, we have been selected as Kickstarter’s Featured Project. It was a very nice surprise to log in to Kickstarter and see a giant DEAD AIR image prominently displayed for all the world to see.

That gives us even more reason to celebrate what has so far been a very successful campaign launching the new Dead Air series into the world. To wrap things up for this campaign, we’ve put together one last 9-panel art blast to show off the kaleidescope of colors and art that Joe Ng and Maja Opacic have been pouring onto the pages of the book. Thanks for your amazing support, and if you haven’t snagged your copy of Dead Air Issue #1 yet there’s still time to do so at

Click here to read the first 4 pages of Dead Air #1 for free!

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