Dead Air #1 Digital Has Been Delivered!

That feeling when you’ve delivered the digital edition of your newest comic book to all of your Kickstarter supporters. Really jazzed by this fantastic back cover our designer Angela Hodge put together!

Our printer has started working on the physical copies of Dead Air #1 this week, and we’re on track to get paper copies sent to all of the amazing people who backed our campaign by September as scheduled.

If you missed out on the first Dead Air Kickstarter and are curious about the book, click the link below for a look at the first four pages of Issue #1.

Click here to read the first 4 pages of Dead Air #1 for free!

2 thoughts on “Dead Air #1 Digital Has Been Delivered!

  • Hi
    Karl Kesel just posted abour your book Dead Air on Facebook – looks very interesting!
    Looks like the Kickstarter is over – is there any other way to get the book?

  • Hi Rob – I’m sending you an email about how to get a copy of the book. Thanks for reaching out.

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